Our Academy was established  on  the  7th of June 1991 according to the Decree of the RF State Committee for Science and Higher Education  as a branch the Stavropol  of Polytechnic Institute named "Karachay-Cherkess Institute of Technology".  In December  the 8th , 1998  it was renamed into " Karachay-Cherkess State Technological Institute".
By the order of May 27, 2011 № 1832 of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Federal Agency for Education KCHGTA  was renamed  into the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "North-Caucasian State  Humanitarian Technological Academy" (NCSHTA).

Currently, NCSHTA has 7 institutes (Agricultural Institute, Medical Institute, Institute of law, Construction and power engineering Institute, Institute of economics and management, Institute of applied mathematics and information technology, Institute of engineering and technology, and Faculty of design and arts, as well as a secondary vocational college, with 5,118 students. Academy has its own Library and Publishing Center, Institute for Advanced Studies, Additional General and Professional Education, Students Creativity Center.
High quality  of education is provided by the  staff of the Academy  that includes 1080 people: 361 people of  academic teaching staff, 115 people - training and support staff, 239 people - service personnel, 87 people - administrative and management staff etc.
39 Doctors of science and 48 Professors, 206 candidates of science and associate professors work in the Academy.  Members of  the academic teaching staff have honorary titles and awards of the Russian Federation and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

In the recent years, much attention has been paid to  technical equipment of the Academy, the safety of students and staff, as well as to employing of  the energy-saving technologies.
Medical care for students and staff  is provided by the City Polyclinics. The Academy has set up a medical assistant's service, which provides a primary medical care to the students and staff.
Other structural divisions of the Academy are: the canteen “ Academya Vkusa”(“Academy of Taste”) and  four cafeterias at different locations.
 Academy has the Cultural and Sports complex, which includes a library, a conference hall for 360 seats, three sports halls and a modern swimming pool.
The  Academy has 2 dormitories with 1052 beds and provides the dorm accommodation to almost 100% of the students. The Academy is constantly trying to ensure the best possible living conditions for students in the dorms.
 The academy has three recreational and training bases: "Narat" (Zelenchuk district, mountain village of Arkhyz), "ESPC" (vil. Red Kurgan of Malokarachayevsky region.), "Kholodok" (village Yakornaya shcel of Lazarev district of Sochi, the Black Sea).