On the 14th of  December 2017 a Juniors` party was held in the Medical Institute of the North Caucasian State Humanitarian Technological Academy.

The event started with national anthems of Russia, Karachay - Cherkess Republic and India. Patriotic performance impressed the audience of the concert.

Important guests came to the Event: the rector of the Academy together with the Minister of Healthcare gave their speeches and wishes to our freshers.

The Rector of the Academy had a very vivid and motivating speech and advised our freshers always be open to new knowledge and noted that communication gives birth to movements and achievements.

Next speech and wishes were given by the minister of Healthcare who assured students that all Medical Institutions of KCHR are open to medical students and ready to share their premises, medical bases and clinics, experience and skills.

The concert consisted of two parts and included  various national dances and songs of India prepared and performed by our foreign students. A gift dance from ensemble “Mountain Picks” gave real joy to our guests and juniors.

In the end of the concert all juniors gave “Oath of the Junior” and got their student cards.

The second part of the event was held in the canteen of the Academy where students were offered various Indian national dishes and sweets.